Over the years a number of individuals, with Family History connections, or general Interest in St. Columban have been doing research and have contributed information to this site. Some individuals have indicated the family names or areas of interest they are researching below.

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History - Memories - Famous Residents
(Main Contact: Claude Bourguignon

Genealogy - Census

Cemetery Restoration Project - Grave Markers - Lookups
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General Enquiries that don't fit anywhere else

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Fergus Keyes
Keyes, Casey, Ryan & Phelan
Home Page

Sean Delaney
Keyes, Carroll, Kenna, Ryan, O'Brien, Casey
Home Page

Bill Weiler

Robert E. Slattery

Al Connelly

Gary Mair

Kelley O'Rourke-Thomassin
Skelly and O'Rourke

Mary Kathy Lund
Blanchfield, Phelan, Walsh, and Griffin

Maureen McDonald

Steve Sloan

Claude Bourguignon
General Info. about  St. Columban

Jeff Legault
Whelan, Mooney, O'Neil, O'Meara, Legault
Home Page

Kenneth Neil

Tim Funchion

Stephen Vollick
Blanchfield, Brophy, Elliot, O'Brien & Phelan


Joyce Green

Kay Dunn
Grace, Dunphy

Patrick Delaney

Nathalie Morneau
Assisting with Cemetery transcriptions

Murray Quinn
Forrester, Farrell, Cowan, Brown & Phelan (Whelan)

Michael Delaney

Lynn Grice

Lisa Goodman

Kevin Purcell

Gregory Carroll
Carroll, Kenna & Howard

Bob Breen

Brendan M. Hynes Jr.

Betty O'Grady-Matiskella

Tim Purcell

Guy Billard

Eileen Lowell

Lavelle, Lowell, McGarr & Monaghan