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Title: Phelan, Murphy, Molloy, Brennan, Blanchfield, what's in a name?
Post by: Charles.Phelan on December 07, 2015, 10:39:20 AM
I feel as if Ive shown up late for the party.  I began my search this summer on, armed with many family stories, and places lived.  Genealogy seems  like a never ending series of connect the dots. 

I went to the St-Columban cemetery this weekend and found my Great Great Great Grandparents Ellen Molloy and Richard Murphy. Two of Ellen and Richard's Children, Catherine and Bridget married two Phelan Brothers,  my Great, Great Grandfather James Phelan and his brother Thomas.  I found the marriage records for James and Catherine in Coteau-du-lac as well as baptismal records for their children, as well taking notes of the Godparents.  I came across Ann Blanchfield, and a Martin Brennan but I'm having difficulty placing how they fit into the family tree.  I had also heard through family history that James and Catherine settled in Coteau-du-Lac, and worked building canals,  but was listed a farmer in the Canadian Census of 1861.   

I went to Gross-Isle a year ago and wondered if any of the Phelan's that perished there belonged to our family.  My own father, also a Daniel Phelan, always mentioned that our branch of the Phelan's came after the Famine of 1847 though still no luck in tracking down that information.

Knowing the Phelan's were an important family in St-Columban was an interesting revelation but its difficult to track down anything before 1850,  as well as when they came to  Canada.  The microfiche records seem like they were scanned in the 50's and are not always clearly visible, there are misspellings, and this leads to a certain interpretation of the records.  I'd love to see the original registers.  Its interesting though,  I work at McGill University in IT and the libraries have invested a lot of equipment for digitizing books.  Re-scanning these old registers seems like a monumental task but the technology for scanning has improved so much since the 50's.

I'd appreciate any help with leads.  Was Daniel Phelan related to Joseph Phelan and Catherine Brennan, and Father Patrick Phelan?

Charles Phelan

Title: Re: Phelan, Murphy, Molloy, Brennan, Blanchfield, what's in a name?
Post by: MKenna315 on January 13, 2018, 04:19:34 PM
Charles,  saw your post and I have alittle info you might enjoy and it might be helpful.  My Great Great Grandfather,  John Kenna married my Great Great Grandmother Judith Phelan in St. Columban, Quebec.  Judiths parents names were,  Patrick Phelan and Margaret (Lawlor) Phelan.  Judith and John were married  on  November 24th, 1846.  They had 12 children that I know of,  one being my Great Grandfather, Martin Francis Kenna who I am named after. That much I do know and I am in the process of trying to trace my Great,  Great, Great Grandfather,  Michael Kenna who is Johns father.  I know it's not much but I do hope it provides alittle insight to the Phelan clan.  Regards,  Marty