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Author Topic: Ancestral Homes of St. Columban's Irish Settlers  (Read 1981 times)


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Ancestral Homes of St. Columban's Irish Settlers
« on: August 23, 2015, 08:02:02 PM »

On behalf of the Irish Society of the National Capital Region in Ottawa, Canada, and the Ottawa Branch of the Ontario Genealogical Society, I would welcome an opportunity to provide more information to any participant in the St Columban-Irish Form about our project entitled "These Old Walls - The Homes of Our Ottawa Valley Great-Grandparents". The ‘Old Walls’ project creates a web-based archival database of the remains (or ruins) of the homes of the early settlers, and aboriginal inhabitants where applicable, in the counties of the Ottawa Valley on the Ontario and Quebec sides of the Ottawa River, and ultimately in other countries, with Ireland ( :) and St. Columban-Irish Forum) being the initial targets for expansion.
The objective of the overall ‘Old Walls’ project is to enable genealogists, family historians, archeologists, social historians, and anybody sharing some of these interests, to record the memories of ‘These Old Walls – The Homes of Our Great-Grandparents’ because this is the record of our country’s history. The technology base for the project is a database, a website, and an app for the android smartphones. Teams of students at Algonquin College in Ottawa have been engaged to design and develop the technology, which is currently in a preliminary test phase.

The descendants of the Irish settlers of St. Columban's may be interested in recording the memories of the homes where their ancestors lived and raised their families. Why settle for an inscription on a tombstone in the cemetery? Supplement that record of the death and the burial with stories about the old home - even if it is in ruins today.

An embryonic version of the website is at To use the website for a search of data in the database , the mandatory search field is the country - i.e. Canada or Ireland, at this time. The database has only a few entries for Canada and Ireland at present. The goal now is to start populating that database. St. Columban' ancestral homes may offer some interesting possibilities!
A copy of our Newsletter for July 2015 is attached.
I welcome your comments, advice, questions - either by reply to this posting or by email to Phil Donnelly at
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