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Author Topic: Judith (Julie) Keyes & Patrick Ryan  (Read 1765 times)

Fergus Keyes

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Judith (Julie) Keyes & Patrick Ryan
« on: January 24, 2016, 02:46:59 PM »

A recent e-mail question and my reply - FYI...


Ellen Haley sent a message

Hello,  I have an ancestor named Julia Ryan also lived in St. Columban area,   
She eventually came to Dubuque County, Iowa and is buried here.  Her death 
date (1887) and burial place are listed on for Judith Keyes???   
I am looking for more information on Julia Ryan.  She was bon in Ireland in 
1813 and made her way to Canada where she had 7 children.  Looking for her 

My reply.....

Hi Ellen;

Judith (aka Julie) Keyes was married to Patrick Ryan in Ste. Scholastique, Quebec, Canada on November 25th 1830. (Ste. Scolastique is nearby & was the Parish for the Irish of St. Columban until they built their own Church and became their own Parish a few years later).

Julie was the daughter of Patrick Keyes (in some records spelled as Keys or Keays) and Honora (aka Eleanora) Phelan.

She had two sisters – Mary & Elizabeth and one brother – Andrew. All were born in Ireland and my best guess is in or around the town of Balleyraggat, Kilkenny, Ireland.

Her sister Mary married James Madden, also in Ste. Scholastique on June 1st 1835; and her sister Elizabeth married Matthew Power(s) in St. Columban on August 3rd 1840.

I think it was in 1848 that Julie & Patrick Ryan; Mary & James Madden; Elizabeth & Matthew Power – all three (3) sisters and their husbands left St. Columban and moved to Iowa.

(Their brother Andrew, stayed in Canada, took over the farm, and was my g-grandfather)

Some other notes:


1.    From my file:


Judith Keyes was the daughter of Patrick and Honora Keyes, On October 24 1854, Judith is listed as a witness to the baptism of Anne Keyes who was the daughter of Andrew Keyes I (probably her brother) and Catherine O'Connor (his first wife). On June 28 1858, there is a marriage record in the Parish of St. Columban concerning John Ryan, listed as the son of Patrick Ryan and Judith Keyes.


A marriage record for Ste. Scholastique shows that Judith Keay (Keyes) daughter of Patrick Keyes & Eleonor Phelan married Patrick Ryan, son of Jean (John) and Elizabeth Rindell on November 25 1830. It indicates that Judith was a "minor" of age at the time of her marriage. Not sure if minor was younger than 16; 18 or 21 ?? - Patrick Ryan was of "Major" age at the time.


2.    We have a website at WWW.STCOLUMBAN-IRISH.COM with lots of information. As well we have a facebook page at:


3.    Finally I had the following message from another researcher for our family who you might like to contact directly…..:


My name is Rachael Rogers.  My g-g-great grandparents were James and Mary (Keyes) Madden.  Until recently I knew they had been born in Ireland, went to Canada and ended up in Iowa but I did not know where in Canada they had come from.  I found on that they were from St. Columban.  I was pretty excited to find where in Canada they had come from!  I found their marriage record there and the baptismal records for their children.  I found your website which is wonderful.  James' parents were Patrick and Ellen Madden who died at St. Columban.   I found their death records on ancestry.  Mary's parents were Patrick and Honora Keyes.  Your website was very helpful when it came to them.  I saw that you wanted any information on families from St. Columban.  I don't know a lot about James and Mary but I'll give you what I do know.  According to the cemetery records from St. Joseph's Prairie Catholic Cemetery in Dubuque county Iowa James was born in 1807.  Mary was born in 1817.  According to his declaration of intent paper they came to Iowa in June of 1848.  They settled at Table Mound Township in Dubuque county Iowa.  There they farmed.  Mary died August 16, 1880 from acute peritonitis.  James died in 1894.  I don't know if this is the kind of information you are looking for.  If you have any questions please let me know.  Look forward to hearing from you.






Hope that this helps. Please send me whatever information you can on your family that I can add to my records.




Fergus Keyes


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Re: Judith (Julie) Keyes & Patrick Ryan
« Reply #1 on: April 02, 2016, 12:50:58 AM »

Hi Fergus,
So enjoy this site.  I've learned a few things about the Keyes branch of my own family tree here.  My great grandmother was Mary Ann Keyes. Julie was a witness at her baptism (Ann Keyes) in 1854 as you posted, but Mary Ann was actually born Dec 19/1850; Andrew and Catherine O'Connor had married Feb 5/1850. Then Catherine died Aug 31/1857 at age 27. 
Mary Ann Keyes (Kees) married George Patrick Casey on Apr. 17/1872 at St. Joseph's Parish Church in Ottawa, Ont.  His parents were Patrick Casey and Mary Ann Cassidy (born in Ireland.) Georges' other sibs were John and Mary.
George Casey and Mary (Ann) Keyes' children were:  Patrick or Uncle Pete as we called this great uncle who looked just like Winston Churchill !!; Catherine, Mary E., John M. my grandfather, Annie, Georgina, and Maggie.
John M. or Jack Casey married Emma McEvoy (her 2 bros founded McEvoy Bros. Funeral Home on Kent St. in Ottawa.) Their children were Leo, Jack, Jimmy, Charlie, Georgina, Mary and Anna who is my mother.
Anna Casey married Reginald Ernest McLewin on Oct. 5/1940.
Someone did a family tree on the McEvoy arm; I have much info on them. And here on your site there is a great document which traces the McEvoys to St. Colombe & back to Freshford, Ireland; it also includes many great photos.
Presently, I'm working on finding out where the Caseys came from. I think George (married to Mary Ann Keyes) was baptized at Basillique Notre Dame in Montreal around 1850. His parents Patrick Casey and Mary Ann Cassidy were born in Ireland, but I have no idea where. ??? Nor do I know when they emigrated to Canada; but there they are in the Ottawa City census of 1871.
So, here I sit, late at night, trying to connect the dots and loving it :)
Posting this in case someone out there can make a connection !
PS:  John (Jack) Michael Casey, my grandfather, was well known in Ottawa. He founded the St. Colomban Choir at St. Joseph's Parish Church, taught mathematics and music at the University of Ottawa, AND he owned a baseball team !!! I found a newspaper article in a book of his which was all about applying new 'turf' on baseball fields :-)



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Mary Ann Keyes and George Patrick Casey (revision)
« Reply #2 on: April 02, 2016, 08:39:57 PM »

Hi Fergus,
Revision to my letter to you from much earlier today.
Mary Ann Keyes married to George Casey.
The Basillique Notre Dame is in Ottawa, Ont.where George was baptized (not Montreal as I wrote.)
It would be great to find out when his parents arrived at Montreal, then Ottawa...but the Census I went to thru this site for 1841/1851/61 (I think) had no results anywhere.  I know they were here pre 1846 as their oldest son John was born about then in Ontario (1871 census copy I have.)
Maybe it's time for me to head up to North York Civic Centre here in Toronto to begin reading passender lists !
Thanks again for all of your efforts.
Cathy McLewin