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Author Topic: 3rd Annual Irish Heritage Day in Saint Colomban - August 26th 2017  (Read 169 times)

Fergus Keyes

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Once again the Irish descendants of the settlers of Saint Colomban have to take a moment to thank Mayor, Jean Dumais Maire his staff; Claude Bourguignon and everyone else that was involved in organizing the 3rd Irish Heritage Day in Saint Colomban.

Lots of stuff for kids to do; great photo exhibition; Irish dancers and music etc.

On hand were Scott Phelan, current President of the SPS and his brother Chris Phelan (both St. Colomban descendants; Victor Boyle, President of the Canadian AOH and others….

Also had a chance to meet many members of the Hall family who were holding a family reunion in honour of native son of St. Colomban – Emmett Hall. (These Hall family members, and many others, mentioned how welcome they felt by the great effort by the Mayor and residents of St. Colomban).

And for me, there was an added bonus – as usual Claude displayed a number of photos of old St. Columban families and included, was one of my own father, Victor Keyes, that I had not seen before. Really cool in his fur coat, and just likely hanging out in St. Columban in the mid 1930’s.
A very nice day overall….