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 on: July 23, 2010, 04:51:18 PM 
Started by Jane MT - Last post by Jeff Legault
Here's the photo courtesy of Steve Vollick if anyone can help identify where this was taken.

 on: July 23, 2010, 07:37:46 AM 
Started by Jane MT - Last post by Jeff Legault
Hi Jane, are you able to attach the photo to this thread or forward the photo to me via email and I'll attach it so the group can help to identify the location.

Jeff Legault

 on: July 22, 2010, 10:53:38 PM 
Started by Jane MT - Last post by Jane MT
My husband, Michael Taylor, is a descendant of the Brophy, Phelan, Elliot, Blanchfield and O'Brien families of the St. Columban area. We are planning to be in the area in the near future to visit the village, church, cemetery, etc.

I received a family group photo of members of the Phelan family from Steven Vollick. The family is posed on the front veranda of the frame home. At the bottom of the porch steps is a huge flat rock. I was wondering if anyone in the forum knows the whereabouts of this particular house or if it is even still in existence.

Thank you for any assistance with this.

 on: July 20, 2010, 04:34:19 PM 
Started by Fergus Keyes - Last post by suecheney
To gcarroll: Regarding the Howard/Carroll family connection. Yes...You've got it for sure!! I have Catherine Howard as John Howard's sister. The other siblings I have are Anne, Pat, James and Dennis. James Henry was a grocer in Montreal after he moved there. Your list of my grandfather and siblings is exact. I do have some more information for you:
Mary died 5/13/1969 in Los Angeles. Children: Donalda and Lorna McGibbon (plus 3 other girls from her husband)
Ellen died in San Diego where she was living with her sister, Theresa
James Henry had one child: Kathryn Mary Howard Gray (My Mother). He died 6/18/1974 in Berkeley, Alameda County, California where he lived.
Theresa Melanie married Bernard Houser: no children
I am trying to get any other info I can on my great grandfather, James Henry. Family lore has it that he left his wife (Mary Ann Lacey) and children for another woman. They were eventually divorced. Mary Ann and Ellen and Tess moved to Edmonton to be with the oldest daughter, Mary, who had married Dr. McGibbon. Eventually, the all moved to southern California.
I am glad to meet you, if only on line...I guess we are very distant cousins.....

 on: July 12, 2010, 03:05:08 PM 
Started by Fergus Keyes - Last post by gcarroll
Yes, there was a Howard family in St Columban and their seems to be a connection.  The family was headed by Jeremiah Howard who was married to Margaret (O)Keefe.  They had a son John. James Henry Howard's father was John who was married to Helen (Ellen) Kelly.  It definately appears that the John Howard who married Helen Kelly is the son of Jeremiah Howard and Margaret Keefe.  However, I cannot find their marriage which would prove the connection but the circumstanial evidence is quite strong. James is living with Margaret Keefe Howard and the Joseph Carroll/Catherine Howard family (my connection) in the 1881 census (his occupation is epicier or grocer).  Joseph Carroll and Catherine Howard are the Godparents to the last child of James Howard and Mary Ann Lacey-Kenny Anthony Howard.  Also, William Carroll, their son, is the Godfather to their first son Daniel James and Jeremiah Carroll, another son, is the Godfather to their third daughter, Theresa. John Howard's death record from Grenville, as was the custom, lists only the name of his wife (Mary Hughes, he remarried after Helen Kelly died). He died March 29, 1895 at 66 years old.  All the census records put his birth at 1829.  The 1851 census for St. Columban has that John Howard's birth at 1828.  The birth record for Jean Howard from Ste Scolastique (with the proper parents) lists his birth at about January 13, 1827.  It is not a perfect fit but very close.

James Henry Howard/Mary Ann Lacey

  Mary            June 10, 1883    Montreal   married Donald McGibbon Sept. 28, 1920 in Vancouver, British Columbia
  Daniel James  January 4, 1885 Montreal   married Edith A. _____ lived in Brooklyn, NY 1920
  Ellen             March 28, 1887  Montreal
  James Henry  April 3, 1889      Montreal   married Katherine Driscoll May 25, 1917 in the Bronx, NY    lived in CA.
  Theresa        August 24, 1895  Montreal  married  _____ Houser    d. July 1, 1992 San Diego, CA
  Kenny Anthony March 12, 1898  Montreal                                   d. May 6, 1969 Los Angeles, CA

Also, there is a May 23, 1932 death certificate for James H. Howard in Nepean?, Ottawa, Carleton, Ontario.    Hope this helps.

Gregory Carroll


 on: July 11, 2010, 08:58:02 PM 
Started by Fergus Keyes - Last post by Jeff Legault
I found a record of a son born to this couple in Montreal, baptized at St Patricks church on 4 April 1889. You'll need an subscription to see the record:

 on: July 11, 2010, 05:21:26 PM 
Started by Fergus Keyes - Last post by suecheney
I am new to the site and am trying to track down Howards who lived in the area. James Henry Howard was born in 1860 and married Mary Ann Lacey at St. James the Lesser church in Eganville, Canada. He then ran a dry goods store in Montreal. Does anyone have any ideas if a Howard family was at St. Columban during this time frame?

 on: July 11, 2010, 01:39:19 PM 
Started by Fergus Keyes - Last post by brmoriarity
I just finished reading and viewing all the photos and info from the Unveiling of the Wall Monument.  Wow!  What dedication and caring is shown. The photos and write up are wonderful!  Thank you to Kelly and all!  We will be in Montreal next June and intend to come to St. Columban!

 on: July 08, 2010, 10:13:25 AM 
Started by Fergus Keyes - Last post by Fergus Keyes

Jeff has added one new video and some additional photos of the unveiling ceremony to the site in the last day or two...

 on: July 05, 2010, 07:26:05 AM 
Started by Fergus Keyes - Last post by Fergus Keyes
On Saturday, July 3rd as mentioned in my last post, we were able to officially unveil ?the walls? as a monument to the early Irish settlers in St. Columban.

And now Jeff Legault has posted some great videos and pictures of the event for everyone that was not able to attend.

To see the videos, simply go to our main page at and click on the updated note about the unveiling. 

To see photos of the ceremony, you can click on the following link: 

Once again thank you to everyone that contributed to making this a reality after almost five years.

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