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Author Topic: New Article and abou the DVD  (Read 2985 times)

Fergus Keyes

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New Article and abou the DVD
« on: May 04, 2007, 08:28:32 AM »

The Quebec Heritage News has an article in this edition (March-April 2007) about both St. Columban, himself, and about our village of St. Columban. It was written by Joseph Graham and is interesting to read. I have attached the 1st page but am not sure how well you will be able to read it. I'll send the magazine directly to Jeff and perhaps in the next few weeks, he will be able to scan it properly and post it in the published article section of the site.

New link is here to see this article

Also we are pleased to say that we have 100 copies of the DVD of our event from last January. We are just trying to determine the best way to distribute them etc. and should be able to give you some additional information in the next few days.

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