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Author Topic: Odds & Ends & the Walsh / Gaffney family of St. Columban  (Read 1134 times)

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Odds & Ends & the Walsh / Gaffney family of St. Columban
« on: August 03, 2009, 08:22:52 AM »

Some of us were at the St. Columban project site yesterday (Sunday, August 2nd but unfortunately the continuous hard rain prevented us from being able to do any additional works on the project. Hopefully the weather will be more co-operative next weekend.

A local newspaper called “Main Street” in the Laurentians, has profiled our project this month. You can view it at the following locations:-

Shelia was recently at the Notre Dame des Neiges cemetery in Montreal and found a tombstone related to the Walsh/Gaffney family of St. Columban. Here are the details:

PrénomNomConjoint(e)Date d'accueil
George JamesWalsh21/03/1977
Irene MargaretMurrayWalsh L.p.30/10/1972
Joseph ThomasWalshLavertue Gladys01/06/1959
Laurence PatrickWalsh07/06/1973
Lorraine GladysWalsh31/12/1984
Mary AnnGaffneyWalsh11/02/1930
Mary JaneWalsh23/01/1933
Patrick HenryWalsh14/07/1925
Thomas PatrickWalsh12/04/1898
Nombre de défunts : 9

You can also view a picture of the tombstone at:-

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