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Author Topic: Info needed ref: Robert Mooney (Moonie) Born 1842, St-Columban, Quebec  (Read 353 times)

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Date: Mon, 9 Nov 2009 13:08:12 EST
To: <>
Subject: geneology

I was just playing on the web and found your site and loved it. Doing this is a love, time consuming and very interesting. I have been doing my family for many years and have lots of information.
Many of my family are from Quebec on both sides, Paternal Grandparents married in St Columban in 1897 and Maternal Grandparents are all from the Arundel area.
The names that I found on your site are Viau,Joly, Mooney (Moonie),  Boyd, Simon and was so pleasantly surprised to find so many  old and new names to work on my family tree.
Robert Mooney (Moonie) Born 1842, St-Columban, Quebec is my Paternal Great Grandfather. His Father was Edmund Mooney, Born 1799, Ireland, Mother Bridget Power, born 1802, Ireland.  

I know for sure that he married a Dobie (Dobbie) possibly from Arundel.

I am trying to confirm her first name...possibly Jessie. Her sister was Mary Dobie , Born  February 17,1864 from Arundel, Died October 11, 1935 in Arundel, Quebec, and she married William Scott, Born May 4, 1861 in Quebec, Died September 23, 1911, in Arundel, Quebec.
 Their son, Arthur Alexander Scott, Born December 9, 1893, Quebec, Died Montreal, March 29, 1978.  Married my Maternal Grandmother Anna Irene Morrison's sister Elizabeth Mary Morrison.
I would really appreciate it if you could steer me in a direction or site to find the Dobbie Family. I know they were from Arundel Area, Argenteuil County, Quebec.
Robert Mooney (Moonie) and ??? Dobbie are the parents of my Paternal Grandfather
Robert D.Moonie, Born July ( January) 10, 1867, St-Canut, Deux Montagnes, Quebec. He was an only child. We were always told that his middle name was Dobbie and I have recently found his marrige certifucate and they have his middle name as David. He has signed it as Robert D. Moonie and on the side they have Robert David Mooney. Could this be them just filling in a name or could it really have been David?  I found that in the Quebec Vital and Church Records ( Drouin Collection) , 1621-1967 records.the Spouse  name is correct Sara Fabiola Viau.
Any assistance you could give me on the real name of my Paternal Great Grandmother would be greatly appreciated.
Thank You
Elizabeth (Bett?) Duff
My Paternal Grandfather  Robert D. Moonie is the family member who changed his name from Mooney to Moonie.