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Author Topic: Meeting with the Fabrique on June 20th 2006  (Read 2170 times)

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Meeting with the Fabrique on June 20th 2006
« on: July 11, 2006, 02:20:11 PM »

On June 20th 2006, Anne McLaughlin & Claude Bourguignon represented our  group at a meeting with the "Fabrique". The "Fabrique" represents the Chucrh in St. Columban. The purpose was to present our ideas and concepts to restore the broken tomobstones etc. to the Cemetery, and the Fabrique is the Parish organization responsible for the caretaking of the Cemetery...Here is Anne's report to the group as a summery of the meeting...

[size=20]“Fabrique” - St.Columban Church’s - (Church Parish Council) - St.Columban, Quebec - June 20, 2006

Meeting Report

Claude Bourguignon and Anne McLaughlin were invited by the President, Mme Beatrice Daoust, to meet with members from the Church Council to present the ideas of the St.Columban Cemetery Restoration Committee.  After thanking Mme Daoust, we presented an overview of the various ideas being considered to preserve the broken Gravestones, while anticipating the future placement of broken stones.  To cover the costs of such a Monument, we provided a brief overview of an important Fundraising activity being planned in Montreal, for early in 2007.  

The Church Council had important comments and concerns to share with the Restoration Cttee representatives.  When the broken Gravestones were moved from the Cemetery to a site adjoining St.Columban Church, a blessing was carried out over the stones in 2000 and again in 2002.  At this time, the Caretaker and Council members sought to no avail to find help from various groups to protect the broken Gravestones, while evaluating various permanent solutions. We all recognized that the recent involvement of the Restoration Cttee is an extension of the work done by the Church Council. This level of care by the Church representatives is not reflected in the “Leaflet” prepared and distributed by the Restoration Cttee. To foster cooperation in reaching the ultimate goal of an honourable resting place for the broken Gravestones, it is recommended that a new Leaflet be created. This would continue to raise awareness of the challenges ahead, and demonstrate how urgent are the funding needs to meet the major costs for an appropriate monument.

We informed the Church Council that the Restoration Cttee has studied a range of possible Monument solutions to respect the existing Cemetery.  After a detailed analysis by an engineer on the Restoration Cttee, the main recommendation to “house the orphan” Gravestones appears to be a monument where the broken stones are set within a series of “brick walls” arranged in a striking manner, as done in the Cemetery in Huntingdon, Quebec. The former Church Caretaker had prepared a maquette for a possible monument. that meets the Church Council’s expectations. This approach incorporates “brick walls” (in the old part of the Cemetery), that extend from a recently created monument to Thomas Collins, as a focal point, and complimented by an existing double row of rose bushes. The Church Council has kindly lent us the maquette for the next Restoration Cttee meeting in late July. There are practical considerations in planning the installation of a monument, such as leaving sufficient space to allow for grass cutting, without increasing the budget the Church presently allocates to this task ($2,000 per 12 hour shift to cover the Cemetery land).    

In conclusion, the exchange of perspectives and plans will ensure an open relationship between our two groups. Claude and I accepted an invitation to attend the September Church Council meeting in St.Columban.  
Anne McLaughlin