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Author Topic: Montreal around 1818  (Read 1439 times)

Fergus Keyes

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Montreal around 1818
« on: March 14, 2006, 08:33:56 AM »


This is a re-post from the Blog site.

Maureen Gallagher, who operates a Griffintown site at: gave me permission to include this information on our site. It comments about general life in Montreal around 1818 and on, about the same time as the earliest St. Columban settlers arrived in Montreal.


[highlight]The Montreal Daily Star, February 5, 1881 [/highlight]
In 1881, Jedediah Hubbell Dorwin published his reminiscences of what Montreal was like when he arrived in 1816.  He had seen many changes in more than 60 years and one might suspect that his memory may have played tricks on him were it not for the fact that he had kept his journal faithfully, entering his observations on a daily basis.  These later proved useful to him in recalling the facts that are the substance of his article though he made a few corrections (or was corrected) following the publication.  The article was particularly insightful at the time, and perhaps even more so now, and caused a total sell out of the newspaper and a second printing.  A rival paper, hearing that he was about to publish an article entitled "Montreal in 1816" promptly came out with their own competing artical on the same day entitled "Montreal in 1806".  Dorwin cut out the article and dutifully pasted it into his diary.  His own article is reproduced below.
You'll find the article's easier to read on the page itself........ [highlight][/highlight]