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Author Topic: The Joly Farm and/or Family of St. Canut  (Read 1528 times)

Fergus Keyes

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The Joly Farm and/or Family of St. Canut
« on: July 05, 2006, 08:59:16 PM »

Here is an e-mail request for possible information that we received concerning the Joly family of St. Canut from Karen Holt...


I found this site when I was surfing the net trying to find any information
on a family that lived in St-Canut (I think) by the name of Joly (French)
who were farmers in the late 1950s . They ran a B & B (called Joly's Farm)
beside their farm which had maybe 20 rooms or more , a dining room that
served 3 meals a day and other out buildings with more rooms . The place was
across the river from Colford Lodge (where all the grown-ups would go to
have a drink as there was no alcohol served at the B & B)

The B & B  was expropriated when Mirabel Airport was being built. I later
learned that it was either torn down or burned down. My family & I spent a
many happy summers there and I was trying to find a picture of the whole
place. I have many pictures but none were taken of the B & B from the road.

If you could locate anything about the place or anyone who knew the place, I
would really appreciate it .


Karen Holt

Milton, Ontario