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Author Topic: Note about Grace - Kinsella  (Read 1785 times)

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Note about Grace - Kinsella
« on: December 06, 2007, 09:42:29 AM »


First,  the information here and on these sites is magnificent. It has been very helpful.

I was thrown off by a couple of things on the St Scholastique Marriage list.  It has to do with the marriage of Honora Grace, daughter of Michael  and Mary Gavin.   Shown as marrying Thomas Mitchell. son of William Mitchell and Martha Leonard
But in the Census Honora Grace is shown married to Thomas Kinsella,   and at the time of the census of 51 having a child 18 years old. Which fits the time of the marriage, but not the name...Mitchell.  Kinsella is also the name listed on the birth, death, marriage list of St. Columban. I found no Mitchells listed there. No births, deaths, etc.
 Later on this same marriage list,  Susanne Kinsella  a daughter of William Kinsella and Martha Leonard is shown being married to John Quinn.   So I think Michell, and Kinsella...were a mistake of transcription of the handwritten records.  
I understand  that I am reading all transcribed lists,  so I really can't say which is wrong. But Kinsella seems  to  be a  frequent name, for births, deaths, etc.
I have no idea if you will  get this. Honora Grace is a sister of Patrick, according to your marriage list, suspected now proven. Patrick is father of Edward.   Edward Grace and wife Catherine Travers, my great great etc... ended up in Duxbury and Waterbury, Vermont, with about ten boys and one daughter.   Edward, Catherine, and many descendents including my father buried in Waterbury  Holy Cross cemetary.   I went to St Columban with my dad ten or more years ago, without knowing for sure if we were from there.  Now I know, because they had a son there, recorded with their names at his birth,  which allowed the connections to be proven.
Thank you VERY much for all the work you have done.
Robert Grace .Petersburgh, New York.

Note: There are certainly some list information that is not accurate. They have been copied a couple of times from the original documents - and each time they are copied there is the possibility of errors. Thanks for the correction...The way it was originally written - it is possible that Kineslla could actually look like Mitchell if someone was guessing the name....