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Mr. Keyes,

My name is Rachael Rogers.  My g-g-great grandparents were James and Mary (Keyes) Madden.  Until recently I knew they had been born in Ireland, went to Canada and ended up in Iowa but I did not know where in Canada they had come from.  I found on that they were from St. Columban.  I was pretty excited to find where in Canada they had come from!  I found their marriage record there and the baptismal records for their children.  I found your website which is wonderful.  James' parents were Patrick and Ellen Madden who died at St. Columban.   I found their death records on ancestry.  Mary's parents were Patrick and Honora Keyes.  Your website was very helpful when it came to them.  I saw that you wanted any information on families from St. Columban.  I don't know a lot about James and Mary but I'll give you what I do know.  According to the cemetery records from St. Joseph's Prairie Catholic Cemetery in Dubuque county Iowa James was born in 1807.  Mary was born in 1817.  According to his declaration of intent paper they came to Iowa in June of 1848.  They settled at Table Mound Township in Dubuque county Iowa.  There they farmed.  Mary died August 16, 1880 from acute peritonitis.  James died in 1894.  I don't know if this is the kind of information you are looking for.  If you have any questions please let me know.  Look forward to hearing from you.



Thank you so much for all the great information!  When you write of the different districts of St. Columban as Cote St. Nicholas, Cote St. George what does the Cote refer to?  Is that just ways of dividing the town up?  From the different baptismal records I found on the Madden's I think that Hugh Madden is James' brother and Patrick Madden is his father.  I'm not sure about William.  Thanks again for the info.  I have your website bookmarked so I will look back often!
Rachael Rogers