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Full Version: Parish records at the FamilySearch LDS site
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The Church of Latter Day Saints have put out Catholic Parish records of Quebec from 1621-1900. You can see the images of the Birth, Marriage and Death records. Go here scroll down to "Quebec Catholic Parish Records 1621-1900" then find the Town then the Parish and last the church. It takes a bit of figuring out but it's easy when you get the hang of it.

Thanks Fergus
This is a good site--hard for me to make out some of the writing but still have found some good information.
I am looking for the site that has started to list the 1865 Civil Registration Index for Ireland.  When I last looked, the 1865
Index was not completed.  I just can't remember who was doing
the posting.  It was definitely not a LDS project. Thank you, Ann Marie.
Here is a note that I recived a few weeks ago - might help....

[b]The Irish Civil Registration Indexes for 1845-1958 have been uploaded to the Record Search Pilot on the Family Search site[/b].