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Full Version: Keyes-Madden Family moved to Dubuque, Iowa around 1848
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My great grandfather Andrew Keyes had three sisters ? Mary; Elizabeth (sometimes called Betty); and Judith (some records note her as Julia).

All were born in Ireland and were the children of Patrick Keyes & Honora Phelan

Mary married James Madden, on June 1st 1835, in St. Scholastique. They left St. Columban around June of 1848, when James and Mary moved to Dubuque, Iowa.

It seems that perhaps both her sisters - Elizabeth who married Matthew Power; and Judith who married who married Patrick Ryan - may have also moved to Dubuque

There are a number of people researching this part of my family and one, Pat Geiser, ( ) just sent me some great photos of James Madden and Mary Key(e)s, which I am attaching.
Pat is also looking for any information about her own great grandmother Honora Madden who was born in 1840.

I have other records of children born to Mary Keyes and James Madden ? but not one for Honora ? Not sure if anyone on the list has any information about Honora Madden?

In the meantime, here are the photos

La famille se serait ?tablie comme cultivateurs en juin 1848 a Table Mound Township comt? de Dubuque, Iowa (communication de Mme Rachael Rogers). Mary est d?c?d?e d?une p?ritonite le 16 aout 1880 et James d?cede en 1894.

For more info :  St.Columban-Irish, link History, Famille Madden, Claude Bourguignon 2008.
Merci Claude;

Maintenant je vois que Honora ?tait n? dans St. Jerome pas dans St. Columban - qui est pourquoi elle n'est pas dans mes rapports.
Pat Geiser, has now registered in our forum & has sent me some additional information and a photo. She noted that

?I would so much like to give credit for the photos and wonderful family history to my great aunt Cecilia Gertrude McDonald who passed it on to me.  She also left  me a solid gold cross that her mother, Honora Madden owned.  Aunt Ceil died in 1962.  She lived with us when I was growing up in Cincinnati, Ohio.  She worked for many years as a saleswoman in a Cincinnati department store.  She was a wonderful seamstress, as was her mother, Honora, who was a professional "Cloak and Dressmaker" (I have her business card.)    Aunt Ceil took care of her aging mother and never married.  Attached is a picture of Cecilia as a young woman.?

In addition to the attached photo Cecilia, the daughter of Honora Madden and grand daughter of James Madden & Mary Keyes, Pat has also sent me a page from Cecilia?s family history notes that is also attached.
In addition to Pat Geiser, who is a direct descendant of Honora Madden, daughter of James Madden and Mary Keyes,

Georgeann Herzog Walton ( is also researching the same family.

Gerogeann is the great granddaughter of Mary Ann Herzog.

Mary Ann was Honora?s sister; and another daughter of James Madden & Mary Keyes.

Here is her note?.

?Hello Fergus....these are just some of the photos I have of MaryAnn (Madden) Herzog(daughter of James and Mary Key(e)s Madden)....and her family.... she married James Herzog and lived the rest of her life in Dubuque......I have a few more photos if anyone is interested in those I would be happy to share....they had a daughter as well as the two boys Henry (my grandfather)and John.....her name was Mary(Mayme) and I have photos of her and her family(Kress)  .....Thanks again for all you have done.....Great Great site!
Georgeann Herzog Walton?
[size=10pt][size=10pt]To make my recent posts, a little less confusing, there are now 3 individuals researching James Madden & Mary Key(e)s.

They include:-

Pat Geiser                 

Georgeann Walton      

Rachael Rogers          


Patrick Keyes & Honora Phelan arrived in Canada between 1825 and 1830. They had four children ? Andrew; Mary; Elizabeth & Judith.

- Mary married James Madden and eventually moved to Dubuque Iowa.

- Andrew, my own great-grandfather remained in Quebec?.

The other two sisters ? Elizabeth who married Mathew Power;

and Judith who married Patrick Ryan are lost in my records ?

They both may have also moved to Iowa. Does anyone know for sure?
In my Aunt Cecilia McDonald's 1928 family history she writes:  "Mrs Betty Keys Powers [and] Mrs Julia Keys Ryan also died in Dubuque Iowa and left large family connections". 
Here are more pages from my Great Aunt Ceil's maternal family history:
Pg 1
Pg 5
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