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Strickland Memories and Great Photos - Fergus_Keyes - 06-13-2007

We received an e-mail from Kathleen Brown-Herman who was writing on behalf of her mother ? Dorothy Strickland Brown. Dorothy is now 96 years old and has fond memories of St. Columban. She has sent us a number of pictures ? which also includes the identification of many of the people in the photos! Absolutely terrific stuff, that I?m sure many of you will enjoy.

Jeff has included the photos in a new section on our photo page which can be found at the following links

http:// and directly at;


Jeff has also included a hand written letter that Dorothy sent us in this section (we will transcribe it at some point, but generally it is easy to read)?

Here is just a little of the information mentioned by Kathleen on behalf of her mother ?.

?Contributions from Kathleen Brown Herman, Beaconsfield, Quebec

My mother Dorothy Strickland Brown, was delighted to read about St. Columban in the Gazette in January as she enjoyed wonderful times with so many of the people from St. Columban. She is now 96 years old but has a terrific memory and has gathered up some old photos and identified many people.

The pictures were in her sister Gert's photo album. My mother is the last of the Strickland's of her generation but when she and Gert got together they would often talk of the great fun they had with the crowd from St. Columban.

If I'm able to get the pictures to you I know my mother would be delighted if they could be shared with others. She was particularly pleased to see the photo with Mrs. Grimes as I think it was the only photo she had of her. Millie and Mabel Grimes were good friends of hers.

Thank you Kathleen & Dorothy for this great addition to our site