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Samuel O'Rourke and Catherine Phelan - Holly - 10-22-2007

I am trying to trace my O'Rourke roots and find out when they arrived in Canada.
I recognize many names from St. Columban in my family tree. Phelan and Skelley to name two. If anyone has any information on the St. Columban O'Rourkes I would love to have it. ?Our ggranfather was married in Montreal
John O'Rourke b. 1867 m Catherine Lawton in 1896 in Montreal. He may have been born in St. Columban since his parents were married there.

His parents were married in St. Columban in 1857 and were Samuel O'Rourke and Catherine Phelan.

I am going to continue to browse through this amazing site. St. Columban has a wonderful history.

Thank you

Re: Samuel O'Rourke and Catherine Phelan - HOGAN_KIM - 10-23-2007

Hi Holly,

I am a descendant of John Joseph O'Rourke (my great-great-grandfather) and I believe that I have the information that you are looking for. ?

John was actually born in St. Canute (very close to St. Columban) on June 13, 1867. ?John (died Feb 1956) and his wife Catherine Lawton (died Nov 1922), are buried in Montreal at the Notre-Dame-des-Neiges cemetary.

John was the 5th born of the 9 children of Samuel O'Rourke and Catherine Phelan. ?Samuel and Catherine were married in St. Columban on April 21, 1857, and both are buried in nearby St. Canute. ?Samuel (died Apr 20 1907) and Catherine (died Sept 02 1909). ?Samuel was born in Ste. Scolastique (Aug 14 1834) and Catherine was born in St. Columban (1839).

To find the O'Rourke that crossed "the pond" you would have to look at Samuel's father - also Samuel O'Rourke. It seems that almost every member of the O'Rourkes named their first son Samuel (over 24 Samuel O'Rourkes in my family tree at the moment). ?

Samuel O'Rourke was born in Kings County Ireland (now called County Offaly), specifically the civil parish of Clonbullogue. ?Samuel marries Judith Grace (also born in Ireland) on February 16, 1824 at Notre Dame Basilica in Montreal. ?Based on his age at his death in December 1876 in St. Canute, Samuel must have been born about 1797. ?He must have immigrated sometime between then and 1824. ?I would suspect sometime between 1810 and 1824. ?That's were my 8 years of geneological research is stalled.

As I said John Joseph is my g-g-grandfather. ?My grandmother, Rita (O'Rourke) Hogan, was his eldest granddaughter. ?Btw, her father was also Samuel O'Rourke. ?How are you related?

I have a great deal of birth, marriage, and death registers, etc., as well as computer files (FTM, pdfs, etc). ?Please let me know if you are interested in anything. ?I can email them to you.

VERY GLAD I saw your posting! ?If anyone else has information on Sam O'Rourke's arrival date from Kings County please let me know.

Re: Samuel O'Rourke and Catherine Phelan - kelley - 10-23-2007

Hi Holly,

I am also a desc. of the O'Rourke clan you are interested in.  Kim and I are also cousins.  I know Kim has done a great deal of research on the O'Rourke side and I meanwhile have been concentrating on the Skelly family.  Check out the Skelly research on this site.  As well, I have many documents and headstone pics available for your research.

By the way,  Catherine Lawton (m. John O'Rourke) was born in Bonavista Bay, Newfoundland.  I have many of the Lawton records as well.

Good to hear from another O'Rourke!


Kelley O'Rourke

Re: Samuel O'Rourke and Judith Grace - dublin9 - 10-23-2007

Hello Kim,
I read your message with interest as I am linked to the Grace family in St Columban. I found Samuel under surname Rourke for the 1851 Can. Census. This did not give me further details re Judith Grace. Do you know anything about her family? Many thanks, Dublin 9/Anne