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Google News Archive Now Hosting Historical Newspapers - jeff.legault - 02-04-2010

Google recently (and quietly) added historical newspapers to one of their specialized search tools for a number of world newspapers (mostly from North America). Some of the newspapers of interest to the group include the Ottawa Citizen, Montreal Gazette and the Toronto Star. The search tool will attempt to search the actual content of the newspaper pages and will display the actual page as it appeared in print. Pretty amazing once you start to view the content. Keep in mind these pages have been scanned from old printed copies or microfilm so the search interpretation may not always be accurate depending on the quality of the original. Nonetheless it's valuable tool for any researcher. I was able to find many articles, death notices, advertisements, etc. connected to my family in Ottawa. It provided a missing link to tell some of the family stories we all crave. Not every single day of print is included so far but they may be adding more in time.

Visit this special search interface here and enter a term in "with all of the words" box like Columban or your family name and further down the page look for the "Source" box and enter montreal gazette:

To keep this thread going, please post your search results and share them with the group.

Re: Google News Archive Now Hosting Historical Newspapers - jeff.legault - 02-05-2010

Here's a few great examples of St Columban references:

Village of St Columban Celebrates Hundreth Birthday,903047&dq=columban&hl=en

Funeral Notice for Robert McKenna Dec 24, 1945,3764835&dq=columban&hl=en

Death of Michael Phelan Oct. 20, 1915,505899&dq=columban&hl=en

Death of James Brophy Sept. 10, 1941,1695708&dq=columban&hl=en

Re: Google News Archive Now Hosting Historical Newspapers - jeff.legault - 02-05-2010

Just a quick tip on searching for newspapers, here's the list of publications they currently have available that you can enter in the Source field:

This is the list of what they are working on and will add over the next 3 months:

Re: Google News Archive Now Hosting Historical Newspapers - Fergus_Keyes - 02-10-2010

Wow Jeff - This Newspaper Site offers so much info that it is hard to know where to start. Here are just some of the articles that I found related to St. Columban

$2.95 - Buffalo News - NewsBank - Nov 7, 1994
A native of St. Columban, Quebec, Mrs. Lumsden was recognized as a Gold Star Mother after her son, Lt. Harry N. Lumsden Jr., was shot down in combat. ...
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Easier Access To Ranges Militiamen Urging Better Transportation ?
Montreal Gazette - Google News Archive - Apr 14, 1913
Dinnah o'rourke widow of the lato Mathew Shea, formerly of St. Columban. ... Guards was appointed to the regi ment at the Province of Quebec Rifle meet. ...
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The Law Counts. Record Of Yesterday's Business.
Toronto Daily Mail - Google News Archive - May 19, 1881
the village of St. Columban, Quebec. Boyd having contracted for a loan money from the plain tiff company on llth July, ISIS, executed a mortgage upon the ...
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The Citizen's Cassidie- Le Advertising Section
Ottawa Citizen - Google News Archive - Jul 6, 1964
MOONEY, Michael? At his resi dence, Lachute, Quebec, Sat urday, July 4, 1964 Michael Mooney, ... Funeral Tuesday to St. Columban Church for mass, 10 Interment.
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1----ji ."til .Of County Or .Result Quebec Lias Election.
The Budget - Google News Archive - Aug 10, 1872
... yet ho was present himself St. Columban during tho voting, and was represented at several other places, namely, ut St. Ambroise, and Stoneham, ...
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Alice Hall O'Reilly
$2.00 - Daily Gazette - NewsBank - Apr 19, 1999
Mrs. O'Reilly was born in St. Columban, Quebec, Canada. She lived in Dearborn, Mich., most of her life before moving to this area in 1980. ...
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Maurice F. Phelan Chicago Sun-Times
$2.95 - Chicago Sun-Times - NewsBank - Apr 2, 1992
Born in the small town of St. Columban in the Canadian province of Quebec, Mr. Phelan came to Chicago at age 18 and started working on the Rock Island Line. ...
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Man .Dies In Cell Relatives Claim Body Of One Day Prisoner .
Montreal Gazette - Google News Archive - Sep 10, 1936
Columban. where Williams lived. The funeral will take place there. Williams was found yesterday afternoon a in a St. street vacant v lot and was taken to ...
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