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Note from Brian Brophy - Fergus_Keyes - 02-17-2010

A note from Brian Brophy

My name is Brian Brophy and I live in Pompton Lakes, NJ. My father was
Lawrence Brophy who was the son of Walter Brophy. In picture 1, 3rd picture,
Marcus Brophy is my grandfathers brother and thus my great uncle. I visited
St. Columban many times as a child and also my Uncle Marcus who lived on
Smart Street, Montreal, Canada. He was married
to Eva Brophy.

I believe my Grandfather, Walter Brophy was the son of John and Margaret

I would love to visit St. Columban again some day. I have fond memories.

Brian Brophy

Re: Note from Brian Brophy - jeff.legault - 02-17-2010

Welcome to the site Brian! For the benefit of our readers I think you are referring to the 4th photo on this page?

I also found many Brophy references in the old Montreal Gazette where you may find some family references