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Stapleton Family Descendants - demonstrate - 05-07-2006

My name is Mike Stapleton and I'm an Irish Branch Stapleton researcher looking for any living descendants of the Stapleton famillies that lived in the St. Columban and Montr?al regions. I'd dearly love to share and extend my research on this family group.

God bless, sl?n go foill,

Mike Stapleton
London, Ontario

Reply to post about Stapleton Family Descendants - Fergus_Keyes - 05-08-2006

Hi Mike;

It is always fun when another descendant of the St. Columban settlers finds our web page.

I would guess that you have seen on our main site at [url][/url], (i.e. in the Marriage section) that there was large Stapleton family connection in St. Columban.

I'm not sure which members of our group are researching the Stapletons but I am sure that they will contact you. In the meantime, please do not hesitate to post any questions or comments here in the Discussion Forum.

Take Care

Fergus Keyes

Re: Stapleton Family Descendants - Al_Lewis - 05-08-2006

Hi Mike:

Starting about 1829 there were Stapletons in Ottawa. They may have been related to the Stapletons from St. Columbans.

The oldest seems to have been a Patrick Stapleton, born in Ireland. Here's his obituary:
3 Nov 1847 (Notre Dame RC Church in Ottawa)
Funeral service for Patrick Stapleton who died yesterday morning, aged about 58
Witnesses: Patrick Stapleton & Philibert Bastien

Here's another Stapleton:
27 Feb 1839
Baptism of Mathew, born the 26th last of the marriage of Owen Hoy / Hoey and Julia Stapleton
Witnesses: Michael Quinn & Mrs. O'Connor

Owen Hoey was a blacksmith. He and his wife lived for a time in Arnprior, Ontario, 40 miles west of Ottawa. I believe that there also were Hoy / Hoey families at St. Columbans.

... Al Lewis