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Montreal Connections Update - Fergus_Keyes - 04-02-2006

We have added a few new names to our Montreal - St. Columban connection page. On the main page you click on marriages and then on Montreal connections to find this information.

These are generally Montreal Parish births; deaths or marriages that relate to St. Columban residents. Thanks to Shelia, we are starting to add new additions from the Parish of St. Anthony's in Montreal. These particular additions involve families such as [highlight]Funchion; McLaughlin; Casey; Keyes; O'Rourke etc.[/highlight] Visit this page regularly.

Even More Montreal-St. Columban Connections - Fergus_Keyes - 04-04-2006

Thanks to Shelia, once again, we have added two more entries in our Montreal-St.Columban connections. Names noted in these entries include
[highlight]Williams; Burke; McCarthy; & Murphy; Mooney; McKeown[/highlight]

Blanchfield; Slattery; McDonald & Welsh Updates - Fergus_Keyes - 04-09-2006

We have added a few more Montreal-St. columban connections today. There are three new ones all concerning children of [highlight]Richard Blanchfield & Bridget [/highlight][highlight]Slattery[/highlight] with a few witnesses including names like [highlight]McDonald; Welsh and Phelan[/highlight]

Elliott; Blanchfield; Kelley etc. -  Montreal - Fergus_Keyes - 04-22-2006

Another note will be added to our Marriages and then Montreal Connection area as noted below:-

St. Patrick's, Montreal, Sept. 20, 1859 - M120

[highlight]Patrick Elliott[/highlight], farmer, son of age of (looks like) [highlight]Edward Elliott and Mary Blanchfield [/highlight]of the parish of St. Columban. TO: [highlight]Mary Kelly [/highlight]of this  parish, daughter of  dec. [highlight]Andrew Kelly[/highlight], farmer of [highlight]Mary (looks like) Aiken [/highlight]of Co. Clare, Ireland

Wit: [highlight]Thomas Burns, and Bridget O'Hallaran[/highlight]

Bracken; Purcell; O'Dea; Russel etc. - Fergus_Keyes - 04-22-2006

Shelia has sent is some more Montreal- St. Columban connections including names of O'Dea; Russell; Braken (sometimes spelled Brackin); Purcell etc...

Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil also known as St. Mary's, Montreal a mostly Irish Catholic parish.
Oct 5., 1885, M17
[highlight]James Augustus McKeever[/highlight], (looks like) mariner, son of age [highlight]James McKeever and of Mary Ann (looks like) Emnery/Emmery[/highlight]?, of Prescott, Ontario. TO: [highlight]Annie O'Dea [/highlight]of St. Mary's, daughter of [highlight]Michael O'Dea and of Annie Russell [/highlight]of St. Columban Co., Two Mountains.
Wit: James O'Dea, brother of the bride and of N. (looks like) Cousineau, friend of the groom.

Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil also known as St. Mary's, Montreal, ?a mostly Irish Catholic parish.
July 25, 1887, M7
[highlight]John James Bracken[/highlight], son of age of dec. [highlight]James Bracken [/highlight]and [highlight]Mary Purcell[/highlight],of this parish
TO: [highlight]Margaret O'Neill[/highlight], ?daughter of age of [highlight]John O'Neill and of Catherine (looks like) Hirill[/highlight], also of this parish
Wit: [highlight]John Purcell and Mathilda O'Neill, and of Wm. Finley.[/highlight] (all signed)

St. Patrick's, Montreal, June 15, 1859 B408
[highlight]John James Bracken[/highlight], born on the same day, son of [highlight]James Bracken, laborer, ?and of Mary Purcell [/highlight]of this parish.
GP:[highlight] Peter Thompson, and Margaret Freel [/highlight]

St. Patrick's, Montreal, ?Dec. 9, 1860, B883[highlight]Anna Maria Bracken[/highlight], born yesterday, daughter of [highlight]James Bracken[/highlight], laborer, in ths parish, undersigned, and [highlight]Mary Purcell[/highlight].
GP: ?[highlight]Michael Bracken, Margaret Purcell[/highlight]Priest spells the name "Brackin" James and Michael sign, "Bracken"

St. Patrick's, Montreal, Sept. 16, 1862, B670
[highlight]Mary Brackin[/highlight], born yesterday, daughter of [highlight]James Brackin, laborer and of Mary Purcell,[/highlight] of this parish
GP: [highlight]Edward Carey and Annie O'Reilly[/highlight]
Note: [highlight]spelling interchangable - Bracken or Brackin

Re: Montreal Connections Update - Fergus_Keyes - 04-22-2006

And even more [highlight]Bracken (Brackin)[/highlight] information ....

Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil also known as St. Mary's, Montreal,  a mostly Irish Catholic parish.

Sept. 18, 1888, B88
[highlight]Joseph A. (looks like) Coperertino Bracken[/highlight], born yesterday, son of [highlight]John James Bracken[/highlight], foreman and of [highlight]Margaret O'Neill [/highlight]of this parish,
GP: [highlight]John Dillon[/highlight], book-keeper and  of [highlight]Rose Anna O'Neill[/highlight], his wife.

Family plot at Notre Dame de Neiges, Montreal, 01852 "P"  

Late's name Spouse's name Concession number Section   Date of arrival
Bracken Catherine   01852  P    22/07/1946  
Bracken Francis  Gleason Gweneth  01852  P    27/11/1986  
Bracken James Leo   01852  P    02/03/2004  
Bracken James Leo   01852  P    06/06/1945  
Bracken John   01852  P    13/09/1971  
Bracken John James   01852  P    07/05/1940  
Bracken John Justin   01852  P    17/06/1950  
Bracken Joseph Coupertina   01852  P    07/07/1945  
Bracken Mary  Wilds William  01852  P    10/01/1994  
Bracken Mary   01852  P    17/10/1901  
Bracken Rita  Matthews L. "d"  01852  P    04/05/1982  
Bracken Thomas Augustine   01852  P    21/11/1957  
Dillon John   01852  P    09/03/1912  
Gallery Rose Anna Mildred   01852  P    24/08/1898  
Hurst Catherine  O'Neill  01852  P    22/10/1895  
Matthews Louis   01852  P    01/03/1966  
O'Neil John   01852  P    08/01/1898  
O'Neill Margaret  Bracken  01852  P    03/10/1924  
O'Neill Rose Ann  Dillon "d"  01852  P    01/06/1917  
O'Neill Susanne   01852  P    15/03/1920  
Whittaker Marguerite  Bracken Jas. "d"  01852  P    05/07/1961  
Wilds William James   01852  P    23/04/1965  


A few more Montreal Connections - Bracken - Fergus_Keyes - 04-22-2006

Another couple of Bracken & O'Neil family notes with a Phelan as a witness

Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil also known as St. Mary's, Montreal,  a mostly Irish Catholic parish.
April 15, 1890, B34
[highlight]John Justin Charles Bracken[/highlight], born yesterday, son of [highlight]John[/highlight] [highlight](looks like) James Bracken[/highlight], machinist and of [highlight](looks like) Margaret O'Neil/O'Neill [/highlight]of this parish.
GP: [highlight]John Purcell, grand uncle, Mary Purcell, wife of William John Finley[/highlight], the child's grandmother.
Signed: John J. Bracken, John Purcell, Mary Purcell.

Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil also known as St. Mary's, Montreal, ?a mostly Irish Catholic parish.

Nov. 23, 1901, B129
[highlight]James Leo Brackin/Bracken[/highlight], born yesterday, son of [highlight]John [/highlight][highlight]James Bracken[/highlight]/in, machinist, and [highlight]Margaret O'Neil/O'Neill [/highlight]of this parish
GP:[highlight] Thomas (looks ?like) Phelan[/highlight], the child's uncle, [highlight]Catherine O'Neil, wife of Thomas[/highlight], the childs aunt.
Priest writes Brackin, signature, Bracken. Priest writes O'Neil, signature is O'Neill

Notre-Dame-du-Bon-Conseil also known as St. Mary's, Montreal, ?a mostly Irish Catholic parish.
Feb. 25, 1894, B22
[highlight]Thomas Augustus Bracken[/highlight], born on the twenty second, son of [highlight]John James Bracken[/highlight], machinist and of [highlight]Margaret [/highlight][highlight]O'Neill[/highlight] of this parish.
The father was present and signed with the godparents.
GP:[highlight] Daniel Gallery[/highlight], merchant and [highlight]Matilda O'Neill, wife of Daniel Gallery[/highlight], of St. Patrick's, parish

Re: Montreal Connections Update - sean_delaney - 04-22-2006

I thought it would be interesting to find this Bracken family in the 1901 census, here is a link to them;

Sean 8-)

Brophy; Keyes; Ryan etc. New Montreal Connections - Fergus_Keyes - 04-29-2006

And even more Montreal - St. Columban Connections thanks again to Shelia.......

St. Patrick's, Montreal, Feb. 1 1887, M9
[highlight]Edward Brophy[/highlight], saloon keeper, son of dec. Lawrence Brophy and Margaret Elliott of St. Columba (sic) to: [highlight]Ellen Keyes [/highlight]of this parish Andrew Keyes and Bridget Ryan of St. Columba (sic) Wit: Andrew Keyes, father of the bride and of Michael Francis Nugent

(A small funny story that my father told me about Edward Brophy, the Saloon Keeper. Apparently at some point a couple of gangsters visited him one day and leaned on him under some protection racket deal. Edward told him that it was actually a family owned business and if they expected any money, they would have to visit the next night and discuss it with the direct family members. Of course, they didn't realize that with the Brophy family; the Keyes family etc., etc there were at least 100 immediate "family members" all directly related to Edward. When the gangsters appeared the following night all the Brophy brothers; their sons; and nephews (including my father); in-laws etc.etc. were waiting. Needless to say, these relatives convinced the gangsters that it was probably not in their best interest to try to offer protection to Edward - Not sure of the actual truth of all the details but an interesting and funny story anyway... Fergus Keyes)

St. Patrick's, Montreal, Sept. 25, 1893, M85
[highlight]John Brophy[/highlight], fireman, of St. Patricks son of dec. Lawrence Brophy and Margaret Elliott on the ?one part, and [highlight]Margaret Ryan ?[/highlight]daughter of dec. Walter Ryan, laborer and of ?Julia Brennan
Wit: Francis Brophy, brother to the bridegroom and of ?Nicholas Ryan, brother to the bride

St. Patrick's, Montreal, Feb. 16, 1897, M10
[highlight]Francis Patrick Brophy[/highlight], grocer, of this parish, son of dec. Lawrence Brophy and of dec.Margaret Elliott to [highlight]Maria Sexton[/highlight], late of ?St. Michael's, parish, New York City, in the state of New York, daughter of Samuel Sexton and of Catherine Collins.
Wit: James Brophy and Margaret Brophy, brother and sister respectively of the bride.

St. Patrick's, Montreal, Oct. 26, 1897, M77
[highlight]Cornelius Phelan[/highlight], of this parish, driver, son of age of Michael Phelan and of dec. [highlight]Jane O'Rourke[/highlight]. TO: Alice Brophy of this parish, daughter of age of ?dec. Lawrence Brophy and of dec. Margaret Elliott. Wit: Michael Phelan, father of the bridegroom and of James Brophy, brother of the bride.
Note: --- dispensation of two banns of marriage and of consanguinity in the third and fourth degree, having been granted ----

St. Patrick's, Montreal, April 27, 1897 M24
[highlight]George Frederick L'Africain [/highlight]of this parish, clerk, son of George L'African and Susan Switzer
TO: [highlight]Margaret Brophy[/highlight], daughter of ?dec. Lawrence Brophy and of dec. Margaret Elliott
Wit: George L'Africain, father of the groom and of James Brophy, brother of the bride.

Note: there is one child baptised there.

The burial plot of George Frederick L'Africain/Brophy, ?at NDDN is :00082 -J1.

And, even More Montreal-St.Columban Connections - Fergus_Keyes - 04-30-2006

And even more Montreal-St.Columban Connections ....needless to say, none of this would be possible without Shelia's great efforts to let us know about these connections....

St. Patrick's, Montreal, May 13, 1888 - B161
[highlight]Lawrence Andrew Francis Brophy[/highlight], born on the 29th inst., son of Edward Brophy, restaurant keeper and Elenora Keys (sic)
GP: Michael Francis Nugent, assistant pawn broker of Longueil parish, and of Ann Brophy, wife of the God-father
GF: signed. The father declares he cannot sign. Ann Nugent signed.

St. Patrick's, Montreal, April 6, 1890 - B98
[highlight]John Joseph Brophy[/highlight], born on the 2nd inst., son of Edward Brophy, restaurant keeper and of Eleonora Keyes of this parish.
GP: Michael O'Rourke,  beer driver and Annie Keyes, his wife
Both undersigned with the father, (yes, the father could sign)

St. Patrick's, Montreal, Sept. 18, 1894 - B296
[highlight]Margaret Alice Ethel Brophy[/highlight], born on the 16th. inst. daughter of John Brophy, farmer and of  Margaret Ryan.
GP: James Brophy, dry goods clerk and Margaret Brophy of this parish.

St. Patrick's, Montreal, June 13, 1896 -  B200
[highlight]Mary Julia Hildred Brophy[/highlight], born on the 9th. inst., daughter of  John Brophy, fireman and of Margaret Ryan, of this parish
GP: Nicholas Ryan and of  Theresa Brophy
All signed.

St. Patrick's, Montreal, Sept. 18, 1898 - B240
[highlight]Walter Lawrence Brophy[/highlight], born on the 15th. inst., son of  John Brophy and of  Margaret Ryan, of this parish.
GP: Francis P. Brophy, clerk and of his wife Maria Sexton, of this parish

St. Patrick's, Montreal, March 30, 1898 - B85
[highlight]Mary Margaret Madeleine Lafricain[/highlight],  born on the 27th instant, daughter of George Frederick Lafricain, clerk and  Margaret Brophy
GP: George Lafricain, gentleman and of Teresa Brophy, clerk
Everyone signed, incl. the father.

Look at the plot at NDDN, and just type in the plot and section, no names, tons of family sharing the same plot.

St. Patrick's, Montreal, Nov. 18, 1900 - B300
[highlight]Gordon Hartley Laurence Brophy[/highlight], on the 13th. inst. son of Francis P. Brophy, restaurant keeper and of Maria Sexton, of this parish.
GP: Cornelius Phelan, wine merchant and Alice Phelan nee Brophy "of St. Denis"
Everyone signed.

St. Patrick's, Montreal,  Sept. 29, 1901 - B200
[highlight]Mary Nora Irene[/highlight], born today, daughter of  Edward Brophy, restaurant keeper and of Nora Keyes, of this parish.
GP: Andrew Keys, grocer, of St. Anthony's, and of  Tessie Brophie/signed Brophy
of  St. Denis parish

St. Patrick's, Montreal, April 23, 1902 - B98
[highlight]Harold Edward Brophy[/highlight], son of John Brophy, fireman and of Margaret Ryan
GP: Edward Brophy, restaurant keeper of this parish and of Nora Keyes, wife of  Edward Brophy.

St. Patrick's, Montreal, Oct. 13, 1896 - 418
(they changed the numbering system for  this  year).
[highlight]Michael Phelan[/highlight], farmer, of St. Columban, Two Mountains, Co.  son  of dec.
Patrick Phelan and of  Sarah O'Brien, to Mary Funchion of St.  Patrick's,  
daughter of John Funchion and of Mary McLaughlin.
Wit: John Funchion, brother of the bride and Stephen Young, church  official