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Blanchfield; Elliot and Johnston Info. - Fergus_Keyes - 10-11-2006

Here is a note from Shelia. Not postive that this marriage relates to the St. Columban Blanchfields (maybe someone else on the list knows) but I think it is rather likely the same Blanchfield family...

St. Patrick's, Montreal
July 10, 1861 - B490
Michael Johnston, born on the 7th of last June, son of Samuel Johnston, grocer (Protestant) and of Margaret Blanchfield, of this parish
GP: Edward Elliot and Catherine Blanchfield

Re: Blanchfield; Elliot and Johnston Info. - marylund - 10-11-2006

There was a Margaret Blanchfield, daughter of Richard and Ann Phelan, who was baptised 28 September, 1825, in Rathbeagh RC Parish, Lisdowney civil parish, County Kilkenny, Ireland. Godparents were William Carroll and Kitty Blanchfield. She could be the mother here.

She is not listed in the veryextensive family history published online by Roz Steffen.