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Full Version: Margaret Wheeler looking for St. Columban ancestors
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[size=10pt][size=10pt]Hi,  I am desperately trying to find my trace my ancestors. My g g grandfather was a farmer, resident Durham. He married in 1842, Sherbrooke, St. Michel.  Two of his children were baptized at St. Columban,1846 and 1849.  I  went through the 1851 census,  but I could not find them.   Would there be an 1851 census for Durham and Tingwick?  (He father lived in Tingwick)  My gold is to find something that would show were in Ireland they came from and when they came to Canada. Would you have any suggestions?  Anything information you could provide would be very much appreciated.
Many thanks,
Margaret Wheeler

PS:  Your web site is very nice!
A Follow Up E-Mail
[size=10pt]Hi,  I just wanted to thank you for replying to my email and posting it on your web site.  If you don't mind I do have another question.  My ancestors lived in Durham and Tingwick.  Can you give me any suggestion on how to go forward with my research?  I am really stuck.

Thanks again for you help.

Margaret Wheeler

PS:  I just realized that I never gave you the name of my g g grandfather.  It was James "Crowley",  In 1842 spelled Crolly, not Wheeler.