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English Genealogy Conference - jeff.legault - 01-29-2007

Posting on behalf of Anne McLaughlin that discovered this on the [QC-ETANGLO] list

In June 2007, Quebec Family History Society will be holding a genealogy conference at McGill University in Montreal. All talks will be in English.

There is going to be a guided tour of the Montreal Archives. Some of the  speakers will speak about accessing land records via the internet, legal records, & there will be talk about Eastern Townships land records. Often people overlook the legal records, & the land records not realizing how much data these contain for genealogists. One lady searched for years trying to find her ancestor's marriage.The place & date of the marriage was found in the land records. People who didn't own land are often included in the land records, as well. The legal records are wonderful for putting "meat on the bones" of our  ancestors.  There will be a session dedicated to "Ask the Experts"  whereby we can ask the panel of experts specific questions that have proven difficult to answer.

Please check out the website & look for details of Roots 2007 Conference for a list of the speakers & other needed info. (Accommodations, food, directions etc) Sign up now, as the price goes up in May.