Casey – Toomey – Grimes

First Generation:

William Casey (born Nenagh, Co. Tipperary in 1772) and his wife Mary McCormick (born Ireland 1783) emigrated to Canada with their six children ca. 1823 / 1824, and settled briefly in Montreal’s Griffintown before taking up land in Ste. Scholastique Quebec. William died at St. Columban 28 Oct. 1836, at the age of 64. His wife, Mary McCormack, remained in St. Columban, and died there on 27 April 1853, in her 71st year.

Second Generation:
(The children of William Casey and Mary McCormick)

The children that William and Mary immigrated with were James, Thomas, Sarah, Felix, Catherine, and Elizabeth.

James Casey married Marian Laughran at St. Eustache Quebec in 1834, and raised 6 children at St. Columban. Marian died in St. Columban in 1887, and James 6 months later in his 83rd year.

Thomas Casey did not marry, and died at the early age of 49 in St. Columban.

Sarah Casey married Robert Dempsey in Montreal in 1832, and had 8 children born to them, all at St. Columban between 1835 and 1853.

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Felix Casey was born near Nenagh Tipperary in 1812. Upon arrival in Canada, he soon found work in a Griffintown sawmill, and settled there for awhile. Here he met Ellen Toomey (born Co. Cork 1812), another recent immigrant, and the daughter of John Toomey and Susan Fitzgerald (deceased). Felix and Ellen married Jul 8th 1833 at Notre Dame Parish in Montreal.

In 1837, Felix purchased land in the developing Irish community at St. Columban. The land had been held for only a short time by a Christopher Mulligan, a young man from Co. Westmeath, who had met an untimely death. Felix agreed to pay the siblings of Christopher (some of whom still lived in Co. Westmeath) the sum of 40 Pounds, with terms, and moved his young family onto the farm.

Third Generation:
(The children of Felix Casey and Ellen Toomey)

William Casey, born Montreal 1835, married Ann Barry, daughter of James Barry and Dorthea McFarlane, at St. Columban in 1859. William and Ann raised 4 children there, before moving out of the community sometime after 1865.

John Casey, born St. Columban 31 Jan 1837. John married Mary Ann Grimes 10 Feb 1863 at St. Columban. Mary Ann had been born in Ireland in 1835, the daughter of James Grimes and Ann Clark. John and Mary Ann raised a family of 8 children in St. Columban. Mary Ann died in the community in 1909, and John died there in 1920, in his 84th year.

Julia Casey, born St. Columban 25 Aug 1839. Julia moved away from the community sometime between 1871 and 1881. Some genealogical notes suggest that she married a man with the surname of Kirk.

Mary Casey, born at St. Columban 12 Jun 1841, and died there 20 Oct 1869, at the age of 28 years. She was not married. Cause of death is unknown.

Catherine Casey, born St. Columban 29 Sep 1843, married James Dondon there 3 Jul 1866. The couple lived in Montreal briefly, and James worked as a plasterer. Their only child was Henry, and with complications of the birth, Catherine died in Feb of 1874, at the age of 30. Her funeral mass was held at St. Columban, and she was buried there on 7 Feb 1874.

Margaret Casey, born at St. Columban 14 Mar 1846, she married Michael Williams there on 24 Oct 1871. The couple had 4 children born to them, before Margaret’s death at the age of 31 years. She was buried at St. Columban on 24 Jan 1878.

An unnamed Casey child was stillborn, on 7 Aug 1848, and was buried later that day.

Sarah Casey, born at St. Columban 2 Dec 1849, left the community sometime between 1871 and 1881, and believed to have married a man named Hennigan.

Anne Casey, born at St. Columban 25 Jun 1852, died at the age of 13 years, and was buried there on 2 Nov 1865. Cause of death is unknown.

James Casey, born at St. Columban 17 Oct 1855. He moved out of the community sometime between 1871 and 1881, and is believed to have married a woman with the surname of Morrison.

Fourth Generation:
(The children of John Casey and Mary Ann Grimes)

Their first child was born 31 Jan 1864, and baptized as Felix Casey, after his paternal Grandfather. Felix left the farm sometime after 1881, and moved into Montreal. There he found work as a Stableman, and in 1893 he married Mary McDonald, a Servant working in the same household. They were married at St. Patrick’s in Montreal. The couple had 4 known children born to them in Montreal. Felix died at Montreal in May of 1933.

Annie Casey was born at St. Columban on 21 May 1865. She moved into Montreal at some point, and lived in St. Anthony’s parish there. She married Martin Funchion at St. Anthony’s on 3 Sep 1896. One child was born to them in Montreal, before they moved back to St. Columban to take care of the Funchion family farm. They had 2 more children while living in the community, then moved back into Montreal, where they are believed to have had more children.

Mary Casey was born at St. Columban 13 Jun 1867. She married Edward Elliott (known as “Ned”) at St. Columban on 8 Nov 1892. No known children were born to Mary and Ned, but she was active in helping to raise the children of her sister Margaret, according to oral traditions. Ned died at St. Columban in December of 1914, a month before his 52nd birthday. Mary stayed on at St. columban for a time, and at some point moved into St. Jerome, where she died on Jul 30 1947, at the age of 80.

James Casey was born at St. Columban 16 Jun 1869. He was raised on the family farm, then moved into Montreal to find work. He married Kate Kane (known as “Sis”) in Montreal about 1893. Jim worked as a Pressman at the Montreal Daily Star for 40 years. The couple had 3 sons born to them, and the family lived on Arcade Street in Montreal for many years. Jim died on 3 Jun 1935, and as a well-known long-term employee of the Montreal Star, the newspaper carried a half page obituary for him. Kate remained on Arcade Street until her death on 31 Mar 1945.

Ellen Casey was born at St. Columban on 29 Jun 1871. Raised on the family farm, as a young woman she moved in to Montreal to find work, and lived in St. Anthony’s Parish there. She married William Fallon at St. Anthony’s on 7 Jun 1898. William was born at Gibraltar in 1867, the son of an Irish born Sapper with the Royal Engineers. Ellen and William set up their first household in Point St. Charles, then moved to Trois Rivieres Quebec, where William found work at his trade of Shoe Cutter. The family later returned to Point St. Charles, living on Grand Trunk Street for many years. Ten children were born to Ellen and William, two dying in their infancy, and two dying in their teens during the influenza pandemic. Ellen died in Montreal at the age of 60, on 25 Jan 1932. William lived on in “The Point” until his death there in 1950.

Catherine Casey was born at St. Columban on 6 Oct 1873. She married Tom Kelly in Montreal, where three children were born to her, two surviving to adulthood. Catherine died at Montreal in Feb of 1947, in her 74th year.

Margaret Casey was born at St. Columban on 22 Apr 1876. She married Bill Elliott there on 12 Nov 1902, and the couple established their home on some land given to them by Margaret’s parents. These lots were disposed of in 1921, and the family moved into Montreal. They had three daughters. Margaret died on 11 Nov 1932, and was buried at St. Columban. Bill died at Montreal in 1956, and was likewise buried at St. Columban, after a funeral mass at St. Patrick’s in Montreal.

Elizabeth Casey was born at St. Columban on 1 Jun 1878. For details of her life, see “Keyes-Phelan-Casey-O’Connor” on this web site.