Purcell Family – Irish Notes

Parish of Gowran, Kilkenny Notes
1809-1881 Diocese of Ossory- Baptisms & Marriages
LDS Film # 0926194
Baptisms & Marriages:
Chronological: Transcribed by Norma Mair

Parents: Sponsors: Date: Childs Name:

Lawrence Purcell & Catherine Fitzgerald
Mary Muldowney: Mary Brophy 12-12-1809 Patrick

William Purcell Nancy Curran 11-16-1810 Elinor
Mary Forestell

Lawrence Purcell ? Murphy
Mary Muldowney Mary Murphy 11-01-1810 Patrick

Michael Purcell Elinor Murphy 02-18-1811 Anne
Mary Cartay??

Patrick Purcell James Hara? 06-03-1811 Patrick
Anne Lawlor Mary Hare?

Joseph Purcell James Dunn 05-20-1811 John
Mary Neal Mary White

James Purcell ? 10-27-1812 Margaret
Bridget Flealy ?

James Purcell ? “
Bridget ? ? Marriage

Patrick Purcell James Muldowney 01-12,1813 Bridget
Anne Lawlor Mary Murphy

Lawrence Purcell James Phelan 02-15-1813 Elizabeth
Mary Muldowney Margaret Murphy

James Flealy Catherine Flealy 03-08-1814 Bridget
Mary Lawlor (illigitamate Daughter)

Lawrence Purcell Wm. Hefferman 04-07-1814 James
Mary Muldowney Bridget M—-?

James Purcell James Cocoran 04-17-1814 Catherine
Bridget Flealy Catherine Purcell

Parents: Sponsors: Date: Childs Name:

James Purcell Michael Corrigan 10-07-1816 William
Bridget Flealy Catherine Corrigan 04-07-1816

Pierce Purcell William Byrne 01-19-1817 James
Mary Heany Mary Kiefer (Place; Kilmaecorn)

Michael Purcell Arty Purcell 01-27-1819 Bridget
Mary Whelan Judy Carroll

John Purcell Edward Phelan 11-26-1818 Richard
Mary Phelan Judy Kinsella (Place: Ballyquirk)

James Muldowney ? Muldowney 02-14-1821 Arty
Mary Ryan Eliza Purcell

Patrick Purcell Thomas Murphy 1822 Bridget
Nancy Murphy Bridget Bryne

Michael Purcell Mathew Dormer ?-24-1822 Mary
Mary Phelan Ellin Phelan

Patrick Purcell Thomas Murphy 09-22-1822 Mary
Ann Murphy Bridget B yrne

Patrick Purcell Thomas Carney 10-25-1823 John
Nancy Murphy Mary Nolan

Phillip Purcell ? Breen 01-08-1823 William
Margaret Breen Nellie Nolan

James Purcell John Phelan 05-20-1823 Betty
Margaret Carey Judy Kealy

Pierce Purcell John Mullines 05-29-1823 Mary
Honora Cody Judy Maher

James Purcell Charles Carter 05-10-1823 Mary
Mary Phelan Mary Kinscella (Res: Ballyquirk)

Tobias Purcell William Purcell 02-19-1823 Marriage
Mary Walsh Margaret Phelan

Parents: Sponsors: Date: Childs Name:
Patrick Purcell David ? 12-22-1825 James
Anne Lawlor Margaret Walsh

Patrick Purcell James Hayden 06-28-1825 Marriage
Mary Hayden Catherine Kialy

John Purcell John ? 02-20-1827 Marriage
Margaret Nowlan Mary Nowlan

Patrick Purcell John Daly 11-01-1828 Elinor
Mary Kialy Margaret Kieger

James Meany Patrick Purcell 05-20-1833 Marriage
Mary Purcell Mary Purcell

Patrick Purcell ? 02-20-1838 Marriage
Cathereine Kialy

Patrick Quinn Thomas Purcell 07-06-1840 Marriage
Mary Bryan Bridget Dollan

Martin Murphy Michael Murphy 02-18-1849 Marriage
Margaret Purcell Bridget Nolan

John Purcell Patrick Purcell 1877 Marriage
Catherine Walsh Ellen Purcell