Help Us Rebuild History at the Saint-Colomban Cemetery!

Join us in preserving the rich heritage of the Saint-Colomban Cemetery by supporting our fundraising campaign to rebuild the crumbling wall that safeguards numerous historic monuments. Together, we can ensure the protection and restoration of this sacred site for generations to come.

The Need

The existing wall supporting the monuments in the Saint-Colomban Cemetery is deteriorating, putting at risk the precious monuments that bear witness to the history of this cherished community. Without prompt intervention, these irreplaceable artifacts may be lost forever. We aim to raise $30,000 to rebuild the wall and safeguard the memory of the past.

Our Goal

With your generous contributions, we will rebuild the wall, reinforcing its structural integrity and preserving the historic monuments within its protective embrace. Your support will directly impact the preservation of this sacred space, enabling future generations to connect with their ancestors and appreciate the heritage that defines us.

Why it Matters

The Saint-Colomban Cemetery is not just a resting place for the departed but also a living testament to the cultural and historical legacy of our community. By rebuilding the wall, we are not only honoring the memory of those who came before us but also ensuring that their stories and contributions endure.

Join Us

Help us reach our $30,000 goal by making a donation today! Every contribution, big or small, makes a significant impact on the restoration of this sacred site. Together, let's watch the thermometer rise as we strive to rebuild history, one brick at a time.

Donate and Make a Difference

Visit our donation form to make a secure online donation. You can also contribute by sending a cheque to CIMPN at 61 rue Somerset, Baie D’Urfe, Quebec, Canada, H9X 2V8. Let's work together to rebuild the wall and preserve the remarkable legacy of the Saint-Colomban Cemetery.

Thank you for your support and for joining us in this important endeavor. Together, we can ensure that the past continues to inspire and educate future generations.

Miscellaneous Photo Gallery

Photo Gallery 1

  • 1937 - Teresa Casey; Violet O'Connor; Teresa Keyes
  • Andrew Keyes II & Elizabeth Casey
  • Fred McCarthy; Marcus Brophy; Thomas Casey (from Ottawa)
  • Loretta Keyes
  • Margaret Keyes
  • Violet O'Connor & Margaret Keyes

Photo Gallery 2

  • Before 1920 - Likely John Casey (1837-1920) Son of Felix Casey & Ellen
  • Before 1932 - Margaret Casey (1876-1932) daughter of John Casey & Mary Ann Grimes
  • Indicated as Pauline Casey (cannot connect to St. Columban Casey family)
  • James Casey (see list of names of any St. Columban residents that attended this funeral)

Photo Gallery 3

  • 1937- Montreal Gazette Article
  • Before 1909 -Left, Mary Ann (Grimes) Casey; Centre - Catherine (Kitty) Casey; Right, Ellen (Nelly) Casey

Photo Gallery 4

  • John Casey (1837-1920) son of Felix & Ellen Toomey- Photo 2
  • Kate Casey - Likely Catherine Casey (1873-1947) Daughter of John Casey & Mary Ann Grimes (Although there were a number of other Catherine (Kate) Caseys)
  • Like Catherine (Kane) Casey, mother of Pete Casey - (b. Quebec City 1859, d. Montreal 1945
  • Maybe Elizabeth (Lizzie) Casey - Photo 3

Photo Gallery 5

  • Maybe Elizabeth (Lizzie) Casey - Photo II
  • Maybe Elizabeth (Lizzie) Casey
  • Maybe Victor Keyes and his sister - Mary Keyes (Gunning)
  • Pete Casey

Photo Gallery 6

  • Rita Casey (Left) & Mary Casey
  • Teresa (Tess) Casey - Daughter of John Casey & Tillie Kovachik
  • Unknown # 1
  • Unknown Family 2

Photo Gallery 7

Photo Gallery 8

Carroll-Kenna Pictures

Photo Gallery 9

Mclaughlin Family

Photo Gallery 10

Other contributed photos (Blanchfield)

Photo Gallery 11

Timothy Collins, lived to 111 years old

Photo Gallery 12

Contributions from Kathleen Brown Herman, Beaconsfield, Quebec

My mother Dorothy Strickland Brown, was delighted to read about St. Columban in the Gazette in January as she enjoyed wonderful times with so many of the people from St. Columban. She is now 96 years old but has a terrific memory and has gathered up some old photos and identified many people.

The pictures were in her sister Gert's photo album. My mother is the last of the Strickland's of her generation but when she and Gert got together they would often talk of the great fun they had with the crowd from St. Columban.

If I'm able to get the pictures to you I know my mother would be delighted if they could be shared with others. She was particularly pleased to see the photo with Mrs. Grimes as I think it was the only photo she had of her. Millie and Mabel Grimes were good friends of hers.

Photo Identification

If you can identify any of the individuals in these photos, please send me a note with the information to: